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According to the latest survey results, most Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Consortium have the common challenges of connecting all members to collaborate on a regular basis. The digital transformation has a major impact on the Chamber of Commerce, Association, and Consortium. In some cases, it has transformed the overall business organization and strategy to thrive and boost membership for higher ROI for all stakeholders. Most fail to adopt the new digital transformation paradigm shift and struggle to keep up with technologies and fall short of member expectation.

Most members in the Chamber of Commerce, Associations and Consortium face three major challenges –

Customer Acquisition (Business condition) – Uncertainty in the global economy remains, and 18% of startups and small businesses expect business conditions to get worse in 2016.
Talent Acquisition – 95% of startups feel challenging to find people with the right skills to grow.
Funding acquisition – With the current high volatility in the financial market, 82% of startups feel fundraising extremely challenging.



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Virtual Collaborative Network

How to Connect All Organizations to Collaborate

Connecting All to Connect & Collaborate

Organization silos are the major barriers to every business in today’s environment. To fix this the organization silos challenge, we need to offer a complete collaborative solution that can help every stakeholder to connect, collaborate, train, and promote via a network of virtual applications network.

Imagine that you can bring all the stakeholders (i.e., private, government, scientists, corporation executives, mentors, and entrepreneurs) together to collaborate, train, mentor and explore innovations every day – not just for once a year; but every day!

Once the overall organization connectivity is fixed, we can then resolve the top three challenges for all the members with a Virtual Collaborative Solutions:

  • Customer Acquisition – Virtual Expo Network
  • Talent Acquisition – Virtual Job Fair Network
  • Funding – Virtual ICO, Demo/Pitch Network

All these three challenges are extremely tough to solve with a single application. It is critical that we look at these issues from a complete 360-degree view solution.

What if you can resolve all these three challenges in one collaborative solution?


eZ-Xpo’s JumpStart 3-in-1 solution specifically addresses all these three challenges with the following key features and benefits:

1. Customer Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Collaborative Network

Instead of wasting endless online advertising money for traffic, every startup should consider creating their virtual business ecosystem by collaborating with their channel partners and customers through networks of virtual expos; virtual summit, and virtual training. Not only this will help create a long-term sustainable bondage between strategic partners and clients, but also create a new game changer sustainable competitive advantage against the competition.

2. Talent Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Career Expo Network

Instead of wasting expensive headhunting costs on finding the best-skilled talent, every startup should consider building out their Virtual Job Expo to nurture their best talent candidate. Finding the best talent is similar to finding the next new customer because both require relationship nurturing. Startups should consider finding the best interns through partnering with local colleges and universities. Every Virtual Career Expo is equipped with an onboard training solution that can empower every new employee to learn new products/services quickly for higher productivity.

Headhunting Hiring

3. Funding Acquisition with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Pitch Network

Every day we see startup pitch everywhere. There seems to be more startup pitch than the weekly reality show. The challenge is to find an Angel Network or Venture Capital Network where every startup can nurture the relationship with every stakeholder (i.e., investor, channel partner, and customer).

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