Why eZ-Xpo?

We started eZ-Xpo with the vision to help jump-start every small to medium-sized business around the world with organic traffic and leads. Instead of having one company doing all the heavy lifting promotion, every company can leverage its network ecosystem and start promoting everyone’s products and services through virtual trade show technologies. You do not have to be a professional trade show organizer to launch your virtual trade show. All you need is to start from the basics with your strategic partners (i.e., suppliers, channel partners, and customers).

eZ-Xpo empowers organizations to connect and collaborate for daily engagement and lead generation. eZ-Xpo transforms organization silos into productive events and opportunities.

eZ-Xpo focuses on collaborative marketing model to disrupt the traditional trade show industry with the first all-in-1 Virtual Collaborative Network consisting of virtual trade show, virtual summit, virtual training, virtual job fair,  and virtual pitch competition for daily massive traffic and leads and unlimited network effect.

The World's 1st Virtual Collaborative Network for Daily Organic Traffic & Leads

The World's 1st Virtual Expo Network with Daily Traffic & Network Effect - Over 5 years
The World's 1st Virtual Collaborative Network with Virtual Expo, Training & Job Fair - Over 4 Years
The World's 1st Private Expo Network Exchange with Internal & Outside Orgs- Over 4 Years
The World's 1st Virtual Booth with SEO Booster for Higher SEO Ranking - over 3 Years
The World's 1st Virtual Booth's AI-Chatbot for Shorter Sales & Better Engagement

How to Disrupt Your Industry for a Competitive Advantage


Ease of Use with Speed & Flexibility

eZ-Xpo is designed for all companies in all sizes. Either you are Mom or Pop small business or a multinational corporation, you can easily launch a virtual trade show marketplace with a click of the mouse in a matter of minutes. With our new Instant Virtual Booth feature, you can create your virtual booth in less than 3 minutes.

Constant Daily Qualified Leads for More Sales

eZ-Xpo – Virtual Expo Network is specifically built to overcome today’s stagnant economy. The traditional once a year the big conference is obsolete and expensive. eZ-Xpo is breaking down all the barriers to success. Your company and all stakeholders can easily and quickly host a virtual trade show annually, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly. With the built-in eZ-Xpo Daily Deal feature, all your strategic partners and sponsors can offer a daily discount to all your attendees.


Integrated marketing automation for higher marketing ROI

Having just more traffic and qualified leads is not good enough. This is why eZ-Xpo integrates both CRM and email marketing campaign to automate the overall sales conversion process. We help you to capture every qualified leads coming to your booth and send them to your sales representative for immediate follow-up.

With speed, collaborative qualified traffic, and marketing automation, we believe that eZ-Xpo is the best secret weapon for your company to compete in your marketplace for a long-term sustainable competitive advantage.

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A Word from the Founder & CEO

According to the latest eMarketer 2018, organizational silos is the #1 barrier to digital transformation for companies worldwide. eZ-Xpo transforms organization silos into productive events and network opportunities. eZ-XPO is the Amazon of Network Collaboration for every industry and community for daily traffic/leads.

Matt Fok

Еntrepreneur / Disruptor / Adjunct Professor

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