Private Business Network Marketplace

Private Business Network Marketplace – Help every organization (both for-profit or non-profit) and community build your private virtual business ecosystem with strategic partners and customers. The key difference between the Private Business Network Marketplace from Facebook and Linkedin is that you have total control of the content, and policy administration in the marketplace. With Private Business Network Marketplace powered by eZ-Xpo Network, organizations can enable a single universal login for attendees to easily navigate from one marketplace (i.e., Virtual Local Business Expo, Virtual Job Fair, and Social Learning Marketplace) to other strategic partners’ marketplaces.


“We are excited to join forces with LocalPlaceXpo and eZ-Xpo to jumpstart the local business with this powerful game changer, and a simple to use Private Business Network Marketplace,” says Eric Goforth, President of GGBA. “Not only will this help boost local business to expand for more exports, but also boost local jobs with eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Job Fair and crowdsourcing capabilities.”

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