Marketing Automation


eZ-Xpo Connect for is a social CRM integration that provides a robust way for companies to accelerate the salesforce automation by capturing qualified leads from each virtual booth. Exhibitors in the virtual booth can quickly capture qualified leads from attendees and feed them to their respective sales representatives for follow-up.
eZ-Xpo Connect for bridges virtual trade shows and social CRM in a way that benefits customers, marketing, and sales, automating the processes and tasks that were previously managed in separate, disconnected platforms while achieving better visibility across all stakeholders.

Instant Email Marketing Integration
MailChimp – eZ-Xpo Connect for MailChimp is a social email marketing campaign platform that provides a robust yet simple way for companies to accelerate their email marketing campaigns automatically by capturing qualified leads from each virtual booth. Exhibitors can now seamlessly follow up with qualified leads from booth attendees and start building relationships.
With eZ-Xpo and MailChimp, exhibitors in eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Expo Marketplace can easily and quickly capture attendee’s email contact information and start the process of lead nurturing with each email campaign. The new integration makes it easy for exhibitors to make sure the right customers are subscribed to the right email lists without ever leaving the eZ-Xpo dashboard.


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